4 Hour Comprehensive Course - $399.99

Our 4 hour course is designed for those that have no exposure to driving manual cars. It covers all the basics, along with some more advanced techniques that will make you a confident driver by the end of the session. All of this can be done while maintaining a relaxed learning atmosphere. We highly recommend that you take the course over two separate days (two hours at a time). If you feel you need more time to practice with instructor supervision, additional hours can be added at the same discounted rate of $100/hr.

1st Hour: Conceptual understanding, safety brief, and first gear

2nd Hour:  Second gear, reversing, and parking

3rd Hour:  Downshifting and higher gears

4th Hour: Hill starts, long-term tips and habits, final practice

2 Hour Blitz Course - $249.99

Our 2 hour course is designed to give you enough experience and knowledge to try the rest of the learning curve on your own. It skips out on some of the fundamentals, but will get you far enough that you can practice on your own. For drivers with experience, it can be a great way to improve your skills. For drivers with zero experience, it will be a good intro to stick shift.